Friday, May 8, 2009

Site Photos!

A few weeks ago, we held a photo contest for the AmeriCorps State members. It was a fun way for us to share what different sites are like and to show off the work we've been doing. There were tons of great pictures, but since I can't post them all, here are the winners:

Best Site Photo
Abraham and Aaron Richardson
by Bryan Lamoreau, Yawkey Boys and Girls Club

Most Enthralled Reading Coaches Session
Ms. Pearl Jones and Rasheed Abdullah
by Maya Milic-Strkalj, Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club

Cutest Kid
Taryn Dineen
by Jessi Kunhardt, South Boston Boys and Girls Club

Best Volunteer Action Shot
Brianna Herrera and Jade Richardson-Delay
by Kirkland Ahrens, JFK Elementary School

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